• inspires, advises and supports companies and organizations in sustainably business management. We ensure that economic performance goes hand in hand with a positive impact on people and the environment.

  • "Sustainable entrepreneurship is investing in the future"

    Saartje Boutsen & Charlotte Vandierendonck

    Founders Studio D


  • Why

    Studio D?

    Does investing in sustainable business operations mean investing in the future? Do you feel the need to draw up a coherent sustainability strategy and associated objectives for your company? Are your customers increasingly asking about your social and environmental commitments? Do you want to know and prevent the environmental and human rights risks in your supply chain? Do you consider it important to be accountable to society and your stakeholders? Do you want to increase the support for sustainable entrepreneurship and knowledge within your organization? Do you want your employees to be proud of their company because of the social added value?


    If you have answered at least one of these questions with "yes", then you are, like us, convinced of the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship. Are you ready for a sustainable shift? Studio D offers inspiration, advice and support to write your economic and social success story together.

  • What we offer

    Studio D helps you draw up a sustainability strategy and policy.


    First, we map out the social, environmental and societal challenges for your company, then will turn these into actions together. We determine your objectives and priorities and based on that we draw up an action plan to evolve towards a sustainable and circular business model.


    Completely tailored to your company, that goes without saying.

    You can also count on Studio D if you are looking for help or reinforcement for the implementation of a sustainability objective or a specific project.


    This can relate to sustainable procurement processes (code of conduct process, the ambition to obtain an Ecovadis label ...), but also to risk analysis, impact analysis, stakeholder management, business development towards a circular economy, the ambition to become a B-corp organization, ad interim CSR management, ...


    We get to work with your company in a professional and result-oriented way.


    Studio D thinks along with you about a good internal and external communication strategy and helps you to share your sustainability performance with the rest of the world.


    It is increasingly important for your credibility as a company to be accountable to your stakeholders and to society. We have the necessary knowledge to do this according to official regulations at Belgian and European level and according to international standards and guidelines (GRI, SASB, TCFD,...).


    Authentic and clear communication is important to us.

    We offer various training plans and workshops within your company. From concrete and practical training courses on 'Start2CSR', the UN Sustainable Development Goals, sustainable procurement, the translation of your sustainability policy to the (shop) floor, circular economy, support creation, etc ... to original team activities around 'sustainable fashion' (a workshop that may in a shopping center), 'sustainable food' (of course there is also tasting), 'sustainable cosmetics' or 'sustainability in everyday life'.


    Creating involvement with an eye for the fun factor, that is our calling card.


  • Studio D team



    After her studies in Political Science, Journalism and Droit et Pratique de la Solidarité Internationale, Saartje Boutsen started her career at Rikolto, called Vredeseilanden at the time. After years of political policy work at the Belgian, European and international level on sustainable agriculture and food, she started a dialogue with retail and food companies within the North program of the organization about their CSR policy and the sustainability of their supply chains. She is co-author of the book #SavetheFoodture.

    With this experience, Saartje decided to get involved in the business world to put sustainable entrepreneurship into practice. As a sustainability manager at Claes Retail Group (JBC & Mayerline), her missionbecame toe work towards fashion with respect for people and the environment. For this work, she received the Retail Sustainability Award with JBC in 2017. She then went to work as a Sustainable Business Advisor at Voka - Chamber of Commerce, supporting companies from a variety of sectors with sustainability advice. At the same time, she worked as a freelance sustainability coach for various companies in the textile and public sector. Saartje also sits in the Board of Directors of IPIS vzw, a research institute with a focus on natural resources, conflict mapping and business & human rights, and in the General Assembly of Rikolto and the Social Innovation Factory.



    Charlotte Vandierendonck did an internship at the Belgian Representation of the UN in New York after her studies in Political Science. Then she followed a study in Business Management. She gained her first work experiences within the theme of human rights, successively at the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and Amnesty International.


    She then worked as a senior business consultant at Capgemini Consulting, making project management, change management, risk management, stakeholder management and business development her habitat. Charlotte carried out several projects within the public sector and the European Commission, but also went through many processes within large companies at home and abroad.


    With these experiences in her pocket, she switched to the fashion sector and held positions for the brand CKS as international sales and wholesale manager. Since 2018 she has been a freelance project manager with a focus on sustainability strategy and reporting.

  • What customers say

    "Under the expert guidance of Studio D, we have set up our CSR policy and integrated it into our purchasing policy. Through their active support in drawing up our sourcing strategy, supervising social audits and following up the resulting Corrective Action Plans, Studio D contributed to the continuous improvement of the working and safety conditions at our foreign suppliers. The fact that this ultimately also positively influences the quality of our work and safety clothing is an added value. Important in our partnership with Studio D is their empathy and personal approach in which they accompany us to a higher level of sustainability. "


    Filip Lietaer

    CEO Belconfect

    “You are the first to have made sustainability manageable and normal. Before that it was always a goat wool socks feeling or a far-fetched designer exclusivity story. How to link sustainability to our well appreciated and functional quality product. For me you have given sustainability a measurable, flexible and suitable dimension for everyone and everything. Not something hanging around it, not something next to it, not something we have to do, just a basic part that is used in every consideration that is made. ”


    Nelle Matthys

    Production manager The Woody Group

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